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The Aha! Community is an inclusive Facebook group. We are always open to new possibilities and exploring different ways to help our members learn, grow, and live the lives they dream about. We are fortunate to have members with diverse talents, backgrounds and perspectives who actively participate in and lead many of the activities mentioned below.

Share your voice and experience the joy of a group working together to help each other live their Aha! Life.

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Current group activities and what some members are saying!

Aha! Life Conversations

Small groups meet virtually for facilitated conversations on topics of interest. The first Aha! Conversation in 2020 is on Purpose.

Book Club

Lead or join one of the community’s many book clubs. Any member can form a group to read and discuss books on a variety of topics.

Coaching Sessions

Interactive Facebook Live sessions led by one of the community’s many certified professional coaches on topics important to members. 

The Aha! Community is a wonderful online group curated by Dr. Tonya Cornileus. It’s perfect for anyone seeking to elevate their life by clarifying their purpose, focusing their aspirations and raising their consciousness. The beauty of this community is that it’s not just a “top down” approach whereby information is delivered down into the group. Instead, members can actively engage by both participating in the ongoing dialogue, but also offer up their expertise in service to the community…I can attest that the more you put in, the more you get out of the wonderful tribe of fellow seekers.

Kerrian Fournier

CEO, Vybrante Ventures

While there is a little bit of everything here – book club discussions, vision boarding, mentorship, elevated conversations, and more – the common theme centers around high achievers who are interested in living a more purposeful life. I have gotten so much value out of being connected to this incredible community of people. Thank you.

Regina Zafonte

Leadership Development & Culture Coach

Meditation Practice Series

Weekly Guided learning and meditations for members interested in beginning or growing their meditation or mindfulness practice.

Themed Days

Days of the week designed to check-in and engage with members and get to know one another better. Currently, Book it Wednesday’s (sharing book titles) and The Friday Question (random topical questions) are examples.

Experiential Challenges

Occasionally members form ad-hoc groups to explore experiences together. Groups like #100NewThingsin100Days and the 2020 Vision Board Party are two examples.

I am a new member of the Aha! Community, and I have found this community to be useful in so many ways. I track, read and contribute to comments shared in the community, and a number of them have been helpful to me in my business. I deliver leadership development programs to my clients and I am able to use the perspectives shared in the Aha! Community when engaging my clients. Tonya’s passion in providing new and compelling experiences is another reason I find the community to be so beneficial. I’m always wondering what the next day will bring, and then I have an Aha!

Harold Hill

Organization Development Consultant and Executive Coach

Tonya has been an inspiration to me for many years. I joined the Aha Community because I was looking for a group of diverse, compassionate and powerful people who were willing to support and inspire each other to create the life of our dreams.  I love that this group includes a variety of ways to plug in, everything from Aha Conversations, book recommendations and clubs, 100-day challenges, podcasts, business showcases, etc. I feel like this group has wrapped their arms around me and also allow me to wrap my arms around them.

Christine Faas

Learning and Organization Development Consultant, Kaiser Permanente

The Aha! Community is a place where I’m reminded that I can achieve my goals, with structure, discipline and vulnerability. There’s so many different opportunities to learn from others and give and receive the support I need to make my dreams come true.  A strong circle in a community of high achievers – that is what the Aha! Community represents to me.
Sol Salcedo

Belgium Sales Manager, Anheuser-Busch

Joining the Aha! Community was, in itself, an Aha! moment.  I found a group of like-minded people intent on not only enlightening themselves, but also helping others navigate the perilous waters of life and recognize the Aha! moments in ourselves.  The group is truly indispensable. 
Tee McKnight

Global Data Governance Manager, ViacomCBS

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