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Do you want to be a part of a positive movement and supportive network of people who share a common goal of living their best lives – lives filled with joy, purpose, and fulfillment? Then the Your Aha! Life Global Community is for you. Wherever you are in life and wherever you live in the world, you are welcome. All people dream of living their best lives, but many people settle for far less. It doesn’t have to be that way. That’s why I’m passionate about helping people like you believe in yourself and in your dreams, and take action to make those dreams your everyday experience. One of the best ways to connect with others who are on the journey with you is through my private, free Facebook Group, The Aha! Community.

Check out what some members had to say about their experiences in The Aha! Community Facebook group.

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The Aha! Community Private Facebook Group

As a global member, you are invited to join our private Facebook group – The Aha Community.  Becoming a member of this active community will provide you with opportunities to connect with others and participate in the many workshops and personal growth activities available.

Here’s what some members of the Facebook group are saying:

The Aha! Community is a wonderful online group curated by Dr. Tonya. It’s perfect for anyone seeking to elevate their life by clarifying their purpose, focusing their aspirations and raising their consciousness.

Kerrian Fournier

CEO, Vybrante Ventures & VP, Total Rewards at FIS

The Aha! Community is a place where I’m reminded that I can achieve my goals, with structure, discipline and vulnerability. There’s so many different opportunities to learn from others and give and receive the support I need to make my dreams come true.  A strong circle in a community of achievers – that is what the Aha! Community represents to me.

Sol Salcedo

Case Investigator, NJ Department of Health & Certified Life Coach

While there is a little bit of everything here – book club discussions, vision boarding, mentorship, elevated conversations, and more – the common theme centers around people who are interested in living a more purposeful life. I have gotten so much value out of being connected to this incredible community.

Regina Zafonte

Leadership Development & Culture Coach

Joining the Aha! Community was, in itself, an Aha! moment.  I found a group of like-minded people intent on not only enlightening themselves, but also helping others navigate the perilous waters of life and recognize the Aha! moments in ourselves.  The group is truly indispensable.

Tee McKnight

IT Executive, Creative Artists Agency

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Your membership in the Aha! Life Global Community will include a monthly subscription to the Your Aha! Life Newsletter containing messages of insight and inspiration, links to my latest blogs, and other resources.

Aha! Moments

Each quarter, I will send directly to your inbox the Aha! Moment, a short video of me sharing essential tips and practical how to’s to live your best life. Click here to view archives of previous Aha! Moments on the Your Aha! Life YouTube channel.

Virtual Meetups

Throughout the year, you’ll receive special invitations to join virtual meetups, group coaching sessions, discussion groups, or masterclasses via Zoom. These sessions allow members to deepen their connections with one another, hear from speakers on various personal growth and development topics, and get their questions answered.

Aha! Life Journey Accelerators Library

NEW! Because of the popularity of the Aha! Life Journey Accelerators, I’ve decided to make the library easily accessible to members and followers of Your Aha! Life so that you can retrieve Accelerators any time you need them. There are over 20 custom designed tools and resources created for you, to help fuel your journey towards living your best life. Click here to access the Accelerators library.


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