Self-Care Checklist

An Accelerator for Your Aha! Life


“Self-care is what we deliberately do to take care of our physical, emotional, mental, and even spiritual health.”
(The Write of Your Life™ Blog)

Friend, I’ve chosen the Self-Care Checklist as this month’s Accelerator because I want to change how you may think about self-care.

Since becoming mainstream, self-care has become more accessible to people everywhere. And that’s a good thing. However, in some cases, the way self-care is described is harmful and misleading. I want to correct a few common misperceptions about self-care that are out there.

  • Self-care is generous. It isn’t selfish.
  • Self-care is for everyone. It isn’t just for women.
  • Self-care is affordable. It’s not just for the affluent.
  • Self-care adds to your life. It doesn’t take from you.
  • Self-care is practical. It is not extravagant.
  • Self-care is necessary. It isn’t superfluous.

For more on the importance of self-care, read my latest blog, Make Self-Care Your Super Power.

Self-Care Checklist

Printable PDF

Self-Care Checklist

Fillable PDF


It’s simple. You decide what self-care means to you. This month’s Accelerator helps you to get started. And if you’re already investing in your self-care, great. Perhaps the Self-Care Checklist will give you more ideas on ways you can recharge and care for yourself.

The Self-Care Checklist Accelerator comes with a blank template for you to design your own self-care rituals and a template with suggested self-care activities divided into General, Physical, and Mental/Emotional. If you are new to self-care or are adding to your self-care regimen, I suggest that you:

  1. Define what self-care means to you. Make it personal.
  2. Write your “Why” statement. Knowing why self-care is important to you will help you to see self-care as essential to your wellbeing.
  3. Brainstorm activities that support your mental, emotional, physical, or spiritual wellbeing. Also include general self-care activities that support your holistic wellbeing.
  4. Identify which area(s) of your life is in most need of care: mental, emotional, physical, or spiritual.
  5. Start with a simple and easy to implement self-care activity that addresses an area of high need.
  6. Decide how often you will complete the activity. Consistency turns self-care from an event into a habit. Use the Checklist as a “Habit Tracker.”
  7. Celebrate when you make time to care for yourself.

I wish you so much joy as you decide to care for and nurture yourself. If you have any questions or would like to share your progress with me, email me at



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