Weekly Planner

An Accelerator for Your Aha! Life


With this month’s Accelerator, The Weekly Planner, you can own your week.

The Weekly Planner has space for you to:

  • write your important meetings and appointments
  • list your goals and priorities
  • track habits you’re working to establish
  • plan your meals for the week

Just think how amazing your week is going to be when your most important activities are in full view. If you’ve often found yourself asking, “Where did the week go?” Ask no more. Give the Weekly Planner Accelerator a go.

Weekly Planner

Printable PDF

Weekly Planner

Fillable PDF


The Weekly Planner is a 7-day planner to capture your week’s most important activities. I recommend you make time Sunday evening to think about the week ahead.

  • Start with the end in mind. What would make the week successful? 
  • Review your calendar. Look through your personal and work calendars to identify important meetings and appointments.
  • Set 1-3 goals for the week. Goals are specific actions that you want to accomplish. Goals are future-focused and can support priorities.
  • Write your priorities. Priorities are your concerns, interests, or desires that come before anything else. They are what’s most meaningful to you that week and give focus to goals.
  • Identify habits you’re working to establish. You can track them daily.
  • Plan your meals for the week. This will also help you when shopping for groceries.
  • Review daily. Place the planner on your desk, post it on the refrigerator, or another place where you’ll see it each day to help you retain your focus.

Have a productive week.



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