Travel Planner

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I’m so excited to offer this month’s Accelerator, The Travel Planner. The very fact that we can finally feel safe enough to venture out again is significant. I created the Travel Planner so that you have everything you need to plan your next trip. 

The Travel Planner comes with a:

COVID-19 Checklist – to keep you and your family safe

Travel Plan – includes everything you need for your trip in one place

Travel Bucket List – plan for your next dream vacations

Packing Checklist – pack with confidence

And more…

Travel Planner

Download the Travel Planner Accelerator PDF and then follow the Instructions below.


Use the Travel Planner to help you think through every step of the planning process. Once you decide your destination(s), use the Travel Planner to fill in the details:

  • Logistics: where you’re traveling, the dates, transportation information, addresses where you’ll be staying, emergency contacts, budget, etc.
  • Itinerary: places to see, eat, and shop to make the most of your trip
  • COVID-19 safety: remember to research your destination’s COVID-19 requirements
  • Pack: with 93 items on the Packing Checklist, you can pack with confidence 

After you’ve finished planning, there’s nothing else to do but relax and enjoy your trip.

Safe travels.


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