The Wheel of Life

An Accelerator for Your Aha! Life


The Wheel of Life  is an insightful tool that will help you take a 360-degree view of your life, evaluate your level of satisfaction, and determine which area(s) you may want to improve.

In The Wheel of Life Accelerator, there are eight areas of focus* for you to assess, including:

Personal Growth & Learning
Spirituality & Purpose
Business & Career
Health & Wellbeing
Fun & Recreation
Friends & Family

 *If there is another area of your life not represented in the eight listed, you can add it by drawing a line to create another “slice” or you may remove one of the life areas and replace it with the one that supersedes it in importance in your life.

Wheel of Life Accelerator

Download the Wheel of Life Accelerator PDF and then follow the Instructions below.


Instructions for using The Wheel of Life Accelerator:

  1. Rate your level of satisfaction in each area. 1 means you are not satisfied at all and 10 means you are highly satisfied. Place a dot on the score line that indicates your level of satisfaction.
  2. Connect the dots, drawing a line from one dot to the other until you have formed an inner wheel. You may decide to color the area covered from the score to the center to get a visual picture of your current life wheel.
  3. Reflect on the quality of your life. Are there areas to which you want to devote more energy to improve? Do you see more opportunities for balance?
  4. Prioritize the life areas in need of change with 1 being your top priority and 10 being your least priority.
  5. For each life area, identify a future score that represents your ideal satisfaction score. Your score may remain the same, increase, and in rare cases you could decide to cut back in an area. I recommend incremental changes of no more than 1-2 points.
  6. Decide on what you want to change in each area and an achievable action step.

Once you complete The Wheel of Life, you are ready to set your goals and take action. I’ve included a My Goal Vision template, in printable and fillable forms. I recommend you work on no more than three goals at a time. When you have reached your ideal satisfaction scores in those areas, you can move on to other areas where you desire change.

My Goal Vision

Printable PDF

My Goal Vision

Fillable PDF


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