The Weekly Habit Tracker

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I’m excited to share with you this month’s Accelerator – The Weekly Habit Tracker. The Weekly Habit Tracker is a simple and easy-to-use resource, and it is impactful in helping you successfully form habits. Seeing your progress daily, weekly, and monthly will give you the confidence and motivation to keep going until you no longer have to consciously think about what you are doing.

Weekly Habit Tracker

Printable PDF

Weekly Habit Tracker

Fillable PDF


It takes 66 days, on average, to develop a habit. The Weekly Habit Tracker will help you “track” your progress. Once you identify the habit you want to develop, follow these tips to make this your most successful habit-forming journey.

  1. Think about the reason behind your desire to build the habit (e.g., self-concept, goal, requirement)
  2. Think about what it will require to be successful (e.g., support, training, resources)
  3. Tell others. We are more likely to succeed when we make our goals public.
  4. Write the habit on your Weekly Habit Tracker, set the start date, and the frequency of the action (daily, weekly, biweekly, etc.). Check off each time you complete the action.
  5. Limit how many new habits you start at once. I recommend no more than three and only one if a habit is complex and time-consuming.
  6. Celebrate your success. Celebrating immediately after completing a habit-forming action creates a positive memory imprint in your brain so that you will associate the habit with a positive emotion and want to continue.

Wishing you all the best with your new habit! If you have any other questions or would like to share your progress with me, please don’t hesitate to contact me at


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