The Personal Learning Journal

An Accelerator for Your Aha! Life


“I am still learning.”

 ~ Michelangelo at 87 years old

This month’s Your Aha! Life Journey Accelerator, the Personal Learning Journal, will help you to chronicle what you learn from life’s experiences and formal and informal pursuits.

Being a lifelong learner, as Michelangelo apparently was, keeps you engaged in life. When we learn, we grow. And we learn in all sorts of ways.

There is formal learning, such as through courses and instructors. Formal learning accounts for about 10% of our overall learning. There is also informal learning that happens every day, organically and unstructured. It accounts for approximately 90% of what we learn.

Imagine you have a conversation with someone, and they mention something you’re not familiar with in the conversation. After you leave that person, you’re curious to learn more, so you Google it. That’s informal learning.

Other examples of when informal learning occurs include watching videos, playing games, trying a new recipe, engaging with a mentor, or traveling to a place you’ve never been.

The Personal Learning Journal will help you capture and reflect on what you learn so that you can apply it to future situations and life experiences.

How cool it is to have a journal that documents your lifelong learning journey. I hope you’ll get so much use out of the Personal Learning Journal.


Printable PDF


The Personal Learning Journal Accelerator has a series of questions as prompts that will help you reflect on your experience and capture what you’ve learned.

I believe the hallmark of a lifelong learner is being curious. It was Albert Einstein who said, 

“I have no special talent. I am only passionately curious.”

  1. I recommend you download the Personal Learning Journal Accelerator, print the pages, and place them in a three-ring binder.
  2. Decide how often you will journal – daily, weekly, once a month, or whenever you believe you have gained new knowledge.
  3. Look for opportunities to share and apply what you learn.

If you have any questions about this Accelerator or would like to share something you’ve learned (Aha!), you can email me at I’d love to hear from you.



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