The Life Journey Exercise

An Accelerator for Your Aha! Life


“We all have a timeline. Most of us don’t live like we have a timeline.”
~ Steve Gleason

Have you ever stopped to reflect on your life’s journey and what you’ve learned along the way? Well, this is what this month’s Your Aha! Life Journey Accelerator is all about. With the Life Journey Exercise: Discovering Yourself Through Life’s Aha! Moments, you will create your life timeline – from birth to where you are right now to where you would like to be in the future.

This is one of the most insightful Accelerators I’ve created for you.

When I first completed this exercise, it was like seeing my life play out in front of me. I gained wisdom and clarity about how to create a life of meaning and fulfillment. In recalling some of my life’s most unforgettable moments, some filled with joy and others with pain, I became clearer about who I am and how I’ve grown stronger, wiser, and more intentional about the life I want to live.

I had real Aha’s – some came at the moment of the experience, but mostly they came weeks, months, or years later.

I believe you’ll discover the same and more. With every turn, you’ll see how your life experiences have shaped who you are today, what values you hold dear, and what dreams you have for your future.

It’s true; we all have a timeline. It’s called our life. Let’s commit to making the most of it.

Life Journey Exercise

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The Life Journey Exercise is meant to give you an appreciation of your life, insight and wisdom to help you navigate life presently, and clarity about where you’d like to be or what you’d like to experience in the next 10, 20, or 30 years to feel fulfilled.

In the Life Journey Exercise, you will: 

  1. Complete the timeline. 
  2. Reflect on what each experience has taught you about yourself, others, or the world. 
  3. Think about your hopes and dreams from the current place on your timeline to the future date. What do you want to experience? What do you wish to accomplish?
  4. Decide what changes or actions you will take to make the most of the remaining time on your timeline. 

Once you’ve completed your Life Journey Exercise, step away from it for a while (hours, days, or weeks). You will likely spark some additional Aha’s that will give you even more insight to light the way on your life journey. 

If you have any questions about this Accelerator or would like to share an Aha! you can email me at I’d love to hear from you.



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