Spring Cleaning Checklist

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“I look forward to spring cleaning and putting things in their place. It’s therapeutic for me.”
~ Kimora Lee Simmons

It’s springtime! That means it’s time to Clean, Organize, and Declutter – C.O.D. For some, this annual event is something to look forward to. For most, however, spring cleaning is a chore, literally. Perhaps you’ll think more favorably if you knew what having a clean, organized, and decluttered home does for your health and wellbeing.

Did you know…

Having a clean home can boost your immune system and help you and your family avoid illnesses?

The average American spends 2.5 days annually looking for misplaced items?

Decluttering your home can help decrease stress, anxiety, and depression?

C.O.D is not just a memorable acronym – it’s a reminder to you that keeping a Clean, Organized, and Decluttered home is worth the effort.


The Spring Cleaning Checklist takes the guesswork out of spring cleaning. Organized by interior and exterior rooms and spaces, the checklist is comprehensive, not exhaustive. I recommend that you:

  1. Schedule spring cleaning days. Don’t try to get everything done in a day or even a single weekend. Put spring cleaning on your calendar and mark yourself “unavailable” during those times.
  2. Make it a family affair. Let family members sign up for the chores they will do, including your children.
  3. Review the list in advance. Create a work plan, adding in breaks.
  4. Coordinate with others (e.g., Goodwill, Salvation Army, landscaper, pressure washing company, etc.) who will provide services.
  5. Purchase cleaning supplies and check to ensure cleaning tools are operating (vacuum, lawn mower, etc.).
  6. Crank up the music and enjoy spring cleaning.
  7. Reward yourself (and your family) afterward. Order pizza, host a barbecue, or spend a lazy day at the beach. You earned it.

Spring Cleaning Checklist

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Spring Cleaning Checklist

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