Manage Your Inner Critic

An Accelerator for Your Aha! Life


It’s time to give your inner critic another assignment. Instead of disparaging you and making your feel bad about yourself, how about the inner critic becomes a supportive inner coach.

I’ve chosen the Manage Your Inner Critic: From Critic to Coach as this month’s Accelerator because I don’t want anything holding you back from reaching your highest potential and living your best life.

In the Manage Your Inner Critic Accelerator, you’ll learn:

  • why it’s helpful to give your inner critic a name. My IC’s name is Max.
  • when your inner critic tends to show up
  • what criticisms and judgments your inner critic likes to use with you, and why
  • what frightens your inner critic
  • how you will be different when the inner critic becomes your inner coach
  • how to talk to your inner critic so it knows how to serve you

Manage Your Inner Critic

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The Accelerator is easy to follow with plenty of examples. In just 7 steps you will take your power back and turn the inner critic into a supportive inner coach.   

When you finish answering the questions in the Accelerator, review regularly and whenever the inner critic tries to return.

I am so excited to offer you the Manage Your Inner Critic Accelerator. If you have any questions or would like to share an Aha! you can email me at



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