How to Create Right-Brain Moments in a Left-Brain World

by | Jun 1, 2021 | Life Lessons

We live in a society, particularly in Western culture, that has honored and prioritized the left-brain. The left-brain is associated with being organized, analytical, task-oriented, and productive.

Other qualities or abilities associated with the left-brain hemisphere include:

  • Individualism
  • Sequencing
  • Linear, rational thinking
  • Facts (objective)
  • Logic
  • Pleasure seeking
  • Thinking in words (verbal)
  • Focused
  • Human doing

These are all great qualities to have but emphasizing the left-brain and dismissing the importance of what the right-brain offers has consequences. Thankfully, things are changing.

The world is seeing the value of the right-brain because organizations need more agility, creativity, innovation, and collaboration. Click To Tweet

Mindfulness practices are becoming more accepted and popular inside and outside of workplaces. Modern leadership development programs are teaching leaders empathy, inclusion, emotional intelligence (again), and the power of convening people to have conversations that support change and transformation.

More people now understand that daydreaming is not idle, useless time, but is a powerful activity that has mental, emotional, and physical health benefits. It also sparks creative problem-solving. We are beginning to talk about and promote human being as much as human doing.

The right-brain is where Aha! Moments come from. These powerful, transformational moments that enlighten and bring to our consciousness new knowledge that help us solve problems creatively, bring clarity to a situation, and even help us understand ourselves better.

Other qualities and abilities associated with the right-brain hemisphere include:

  • Connection to others
  • Feelings visualization
  • Holistic thinking
  • Imagination (daydreaming)
  • Intuition
  • Emotions (subjective)
  • Creativity and insight
  • Arts and rhythm
  • Purpose and altruism
  • Spontaneous
  • Human being

Here are 10 suggestions for creating more right-brain moments in your life:

  1. Develop a mindfulness and meditation practice.
  2. Strengthen your intuition by asking yourself questions and listening to your inner voice (your gut) for the answer.
  3. Spend time daydreaming and journaling about your dreams.
  4. Take an arts class (e.g., painting, dance, sculpting, etc.).
  5. Volunteer to work on a cause in your community.
  6. Form or join a book club.
  7. Visit with family and friends.
  8. Do activities using the left side of your body.
  9. Play visual memory games.
  10. Do something spontaneous.

The brain is a magnificent organ. It is command central for all we think, feel, and do. The two hemispheres, left-brain and right-brain, have an “intimate working relationship.” They are always communicating with one another. Though society has tended to prioritize the left over the right, we know we perform best when we honor both.

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