To get the year off to a great start, I’m excited to release my free phone wallpapers just for you!

These wallpapers are available in three different design styles: minimalist, classic, and blue sky. Each style includes 9 wallpapers with Aha! Affirmations based on the essential components of living Your Aha! Life: self-belief, integrity, service to others, positive relationships, positive mindset, healthy achieving, resilience, and flow. Choose your favorite design or select from all three!

I imagine as you use each wallpaper, you will recite the Aha! Affirmation. And by glancing at it each time you use your phone, the powerful words will take root deep within and manifest in a big way in your life.

Enjoy the wallpaper bundles and tag me on Instagram @tonya.yourahalife, if you use them!

Choose your Wallpaper Style

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Wishing you more joy, more purpose, more fulfillment. 

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