Daily Morning Journal

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Journaling offers so many benefits. Among them, journaling:

  • reduces symptoms of depression, stress, and anxiety
  • increases happiness, health and wellbeing
  • improves memory, mindfulness, and sleep
  • boosts self-esteem, creativity, and communication skills
  • Helps you to know yourself better and supports goal achievement

With so much going on, it may be the perfect time to start or recommit to a journaling practice. That’s why I chose to share the Daily Morning Journal as this month’s Accelerator.

Tip: For printable version, print several copies of the journal page and insert the copies in a three-ring notebook to create your personal journal. For fillable version, create an electronic folder for your journal entries and remember to always keep the master template.

Daily Morning Journal

Printable PDF

Daily Morning Journal

Fillable PDF


The Daily Morning Journal allows you to explore the following areas of wellbeing as you journal:

Mental: includes maintaining an open mind, expanding knowledge, exploring your creativity and problem-solving. Consider your thoughts, ideas, new learning or skills you’re gaining.

Physical: includes caring for your body and mind through movement, nutrition, and mental exercises. Consider self-care (e.g. hydration, exercise, sleep, medical appointments, etc.).

Emotional: includes being aware and accepting of your feelings. Explore why you feel the way you do and if you need support. Consider all sides to a situation and embrace optimism.

Spiritual: includes meaning and purpose in your life. Explore faith, gratitude, values, ethics/moral issues. Consider how you wish to express your spirituality in given situations.

In addition to the above areas of wellbeing, the Daily Morning Journal also includes opportunities to express what inspires you. That may include a quote, an affirmation, a spiritual verse, a person or a situation. The journal also includes a space for gratitude (e.g., a list of 1-3 things you’re grateful for) and a space for setting the day’s intentions. Your intention might be goals for the day, or it might be a sentiment or mindset (e.g., “I intend to be fully present in every interaction).

Set time aside, free of distractions, each morning or evening to journal. Write without judgment. Do it consistently for several days to begin to experience the benefits journaling provides.


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