2020: Year End Review

by | Dec 8, 2020 | Aha! Life, Life Lessons

What a year!

It’s been an unprecedented year that none of us could have imagined. Through it all, our interconnectedness has become more evident than ever. 

This year led us to ask, “Who are we and who do we want to be?” “What matters most and what do we value?” In a way, 2020 awakened us.

Ben Franklin said, “Out of adversity comes opportunity.” I’m thankful for the opportunities this year has brought.

Namely, I got to know many of you through Your Aha! Life. I’m grateful for all of the loyal subscribers and those who read, comment and share the many blog articles, podcasts, affirmations, and motivational quotes I publish weekly.

Late last year, I had the vision to speak to people who desired more for their lives. I heard from many people who wanted to define success on their terms, to find balance, more meaning, and greater fulfillment in their lives. I talked to high achievers who had become disillusioned and burned out. They knew they wanted and deserved better. I spoke to people in various life and career stages, some of whom were navigating transitions. They had in common a desire to be more intentional about their next moves, to find happiness and purpose. It was a consistent refrain.

“Vocation is the place where our deep gladness meets the world’s deep need.”

~ Frederick Buechner

That’s when I took on my personal mission to do what I could to help them. My way of helping was to start writing and posting articles that spoke mainly to their intrinsic selves. In December 2019, I published my first blog article, Practicing Acceptance. Since then, I’ve written 36 other articles (including this one) on various topics. I decided to list them below. I invite you to peruse the titles, and if one captures your attention, by all means, read or reread it. I’d love for you to tell me which articles resonated most and what impact they have had on you. I’d also like to know which topics you’d like me to write or podcast about in 2021. Send me an email at tonya@yourahalife.com.

On December 15, I am sending a special email to all my subscribers to let them know how I plan to deepen my relationship with them in 2021. If you’re a subscriber, be on the lookout for my email. I’m excited to share with you. If you’re not yet a subscriber, I invite you to subscribe today.

Here’s the list of blog articles from the year. Enjoy!

December 2019:

Practicing Acceptance
10 Ways to Add More Joy and Fulfillment to Your Life

January 2020:

8 Mentoring Lessons for the High Achiever
3 Ways to Manage Busyness
10 Signs of a High Achiever

February 2020:

What is the Aha! Life?

March 2020:

Listening to the Voice Within
7 Ways to Find Inner Peace During Times of Uncertainty
Moving From Work-Life Balance to Whole-Life Balance
The 100 New Things in 100 Days Challenge

April 2020:

10 Hugely Practical Aha’s I Wish I’d Learned Sooner
6 Ways to Achieve Career Success and Personal Fulfillment
Applying Maslow’s Theory in Times of Crisis

May 2020:

Self-Awareness is a Rare Quality. Cultivate it.
8 Power Moves from Self-Loathing to Self-Acceptance
Who Are You? 21 Questions for Self-Discovery

June 2020:

A Personal Letter to My High Achieving Friend
Hope is a Winning Strategy
What Personal Development Gurus Don’t Tell You
How to Live with More Joy, Purpose, and Fulfillment

July 2020:

Mindfulness: An Instruction for Aha! Living
You Have Dreams. Get Started Today.
The Opportunity Cost of an Unfulfilled Life

August 2020:

Your Soul’s Work: Bringing Your Essential Self Out of Hiding
30 Ways to Create More Joy During the Pandemic
10 Ways to Slow Down and Live More

September 2020:

10 Things to Do During Your Autumn Years
Acornology: A Lesson in Overcoming Self-Doubt
It’s Time to Ditch Being a Perfectionist

October 2020:

Personal Transformation: The Lesson of the Dragonfly
8 Ways to Strengthen Human Connections in Your Life
Transitions: How to Grow Through Life’s Changes

November 2020:

Gratitude: 45 Ways to Express it Year-Round
10 Life Lessons That Build Courage
How to Begin Again After a Failure

December 2020:

5 Ways to Stop Self-Limiting Beliefs from Sabotaging Your Dreams

I wish you all good things this holiday season and always.


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